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Whether it's a family's personal preference or policy changes that are out of our control, having a doula present in the birthing location is not always possible. However, doula support can still be available and very beneficial to you in these unique circumstances! Through virtual doula services, you will have the opportunity to discuss your birthing preferences prenatally, learn about advocacy and your rights in child birth, and have me as your virtual guide and support throughout your birthing process. Even in these times of uncertainty, you can feel more calm and confident knowing that you have prepared to the best of your ability and have support at your finger tips--even from afar. Through our preparation beforehand, we will identify your birthing priorities and help your partner feel more equipped to navigate decision-making conversations, provide comfort measures and reassurance, and have resources to turn to throughout your birth. Additionally, virtual doula support will mean that your doula will provide tips, suggestions, encouragement, and reminders all along the way. Let's do what we can to help you have a beautiful, calm, and empowered birth!  

"Thanks again, Mallori. The tips and especially all the emotional support and verbal encouragement help so much more than you know. It's not easy...but it's worth it when you finally get it right and see how much she loves you for it."


-Dad receiving 

virtual birth doula support

Package Includes:

  • 1 free online consultation

  • Unlimited support via phone, text & email throughout pregnancy

  • 2 in-person or online prenatal visits to assist with planning birth preferences and practicing comfort measures

  • On-call support starting at 38 weeks until birth of baby

  • In-person support at your home during early/active labor

  • Unlimited phone, text, and video support throughout birth (not in person)

  • 1 in-person or online postpartum visit 

Investment: $650

What can you expect from me?

As your doula I will provide support in a variety of ways throughout your pregnancy and birthing time:

  • Prenatal visits including education, resources, and birth planning

  • Working as a team with your partner or labor support person and helping them learn advocacy skills pertaining to rights in childbirth

  • Emotional support through encouragement, motivation, reassurance, and positive affirmations

  • Demonstrating and teaching your partner physical support and comfort measures such as massage, counter-pressure, use of the rebozo, and various positions that will encourage labor progress

  • Reviewing comfort measures such as deep breathing, visualizations, music, dim lights, and hydrotherapy 

  • Knowledge of the labor and birthing process that will be beneficial throughout the course of labor

  • Providing reminders to keep you hydrated, moving, and comfortable

  • Reminding you of your birth preferences and helping you to navigate conversations with medical staff as needed

  • On-going virtual support 1-2 hours after birth as needed

  • Doulas are now permitted in New Jersey Hospitals! If you are interested in having in-person doula support, learn more here

Contact me today so we can talk more about your birth wishes,

how I can support you, and schedule a free consultation to determine if we're a good fit!

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