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In every meeting with prospective clients, I like to make sure families know that as a doula, I am never there to take the place of the husband or partner. As a couple, the two of you have an emotional connection that I could never replace. With my knowledge of physiologic birth, evidence-based care, and comfort measures, we make a great team! My goal is to support not only the birthing person, but also the partner!

Ways a doula supports partners:


  • Teaching you comfort measures to support your spouse/partner, such as acupressure and rebozo techniques

  • Providing reassurance and guidance throughout the birth process

  • Reminding you of birth preferences previously discussed and guiding you    as you advocate for your family

  • Encouraging connection between couples throughout the birth

  • Continuous birth support so that you can take breaks as needed to care for yourself 

"Mallori was incredible

at helping me cope and including my husband

in the process."

-Alli & Pete,

Birth Clients

What other dads/partners are saying:

"During the birth, [Mallori] worked seamlessly with my husband to support me. I always felt that she let my husband take a leading role while still providing the support and guidance that was necessary for both my husband and I. It was the perfect balance of guidance and assistance...I felt so much peace knowing Mallori was there helping my husband and I navigate communication with health care providers to make sure our choices and preferences were honored and respected. Mallori was a huge contributor to our peaceful, beautiful birthing experience. In my husband's words, 'I'm so glad we had her.'"  


-Sarah and Tyler, Birth Clients 


"For you dads out there. How much do you know about birth?  You can read all the books you want, but as Mike Tyson said, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. That's birth, and you'll want a person in your corner! Mallori went to the paint for my wife, she was there by OUR side, helping us both. My wife did NOT have an easy labor, and Mallori was there the entire time helping my wife get through this. When doctors and nurses are making suggestions or trying to move you along, Mallori is there with her sweet southern charm, making sure whatever decision gets made is yours--not theirs. Mallori was my partner during this all, massaged when I couldn't, provided guidance when I drew a blank, and gave comfort at all times. I found it extremely helpful to have Mallori and her knowledge right by my side, like a birth swiss army knife. I would highly recommend Mallori to anyone!"                                              -Matt, Birth Client

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