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During your pregnancy, meeting with a doula will provide a space for you and your partner to discuss your hopes, desires, and wishes for your birth. You can also work through any fears, worries, or concerns you may have so that you feel more optimistic about your birth. As your doula shares unbiased information about various birth options, you will become more empowered to make informed decisions and gain confidence in your ability to advocate for yourself and hold conversations with your medical providers. You will have the opportunity to identify your birth preferences as a way to have a "plan" and feel more prepared for your birthing experience. Continuous doula support throughout labor and delivery creates a calm, peaceful, relaxing, and encouraging birthing environment! Whether you want to have an all-natural, unmedicated birth or prefer to have an epidural, a doula is there to support you as you do what you feel is best for you and your baby! 


What can you expect from me?

As your doula I will provide support in a variety of ways throughout your pregnancy and birthing time:

  • Prenatal visits including education, resources, and birth planning

  • Working as a team with your partner or labor support person

  • Emotional support through encouragement, motivation, reassurance, and positive affirmations

  • Physical support such as massage, counter-pressure, use of the rebozo, and helping you get into various positions that will encourage labor progress

  • Comfort measures such as deep breathing, visualizations, music, dim lights, and hydrotherapy 

  • Knowledge of the labor and birthing process that will be beneficial throughout the course of labor

  • Keeping you hydrated, moving, and comfortable

  • Reminding you of your birth preferences and helping you to navigate conversations with medical staff as needed

  • Ongoing support 1-2 hours after birth as needed

Contact me to learn more about packages and pricing!

Depending on the

package you choose,

doula support will

include a variety of the

following services: 

  • 1 free in-person consultation 

  • Unlimited support via phone, text & email throughout pregnancy

  • Prenatal visits to assist with planning birth preferences and practicing comfort measures  

  • Handouts and prenatal visit to discuss maternal mental health education, screening, and resources 

  • On-call support starting at 38 weeks until birth of baby

  • Labor & birth support

  • 1 postpartum visit (1-2 hours)

  • Postpartum support and resources

  • VBAC sensitive preparation and birth support

  • Hypnobabies® and Hypnobirthing support

  • Add-on photo packages available 

  • Packages start at $1,500


Contact me today so we can talk more about your birth wishes,

how I can support you, and schedule a free consultation to determine if we're a good fit!

If you are concerned about fees, we can discuss payment plans and possible sliding-scale opportunities!


Did you know that I also offer birth photography?

See additional photos and learn more here!

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