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Would it be helpful to have informational and emotional support as you prepare for  birth and postpartum, but you feel confident and comfortable without having hands-on doula support? Birth and Postpartum Planning consults are also available!

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As your doula I will help you learn and understand your options for birth, and we will discuss your wishes and desires for your birth experience. As you identify your most important birth preferences, together we will develop a customized birth plan that you can share with your medical provider and refer to throughout birth. I will also share tips and ideas for early labor and comfort measures. This preparation can help you and your support person feel more confident and relaxed! 

Other topics we will discuss include:

  • Your rights in childbirth

  • The hospital experience

  • Hospital newborn care & procedures

2-3 hour appointment

In-person - $150

Online - $100

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All too often there's so much focus on pregnancy and birth that there is little time devoted to preparing for when baby comes! The "4th Trimester" is such an important time for parents and baby, and preparation beforehand can make for a smoother and easier transition. Some of the things that will be discussed include:

  • Preparing the home (supplies and food)

  • Building a support system

  • Making a plan for visitors

  • Preparing older children

  • Basic newborn care

  • Expectations for sleep

  • Feeding & milk storage

  • Self-care for both mom & dad

  • Maternal mental health

  • Choosing a pediatrician

  • Going back to work and/or your new at-home routine

2-3 hour appointment

In-person - $150

Online - $100

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