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Positions for Birth

Click here for a Birthing Positions Info Guide that outlines positions for opening the pelvis at different phases of labor and based on baby's station. This recaps a lot of the stuff we will discuss in our 2nd prenatal meeting together. 


Also, the short videos below outline much of the same information and are really helpful at explaining/showing how certain positions are good for earlier/active birthing time to open the pelvic inlet; ones that help open the mid pelvis in active birthing time; and then other positions are best for transition/pushing to open the pelvic outlet. 


You don't have to remember all of this throughout your birth-- I will provide suggestions and reminders based on what's going on. But I do think it's helpful for you to be familiar with these concepts and different positions so it doesn't seem as foreign! You can even practice along now with the videos specific to opening the inlet/top of pelvis to better engage baby, and this will help prepare your body for birthing!


In addition to the specific videos, each one of these Facebook pages has lots of great info and content that may be of interest to you! All of these show similar examples, but the repetition is good! 


Blossoming Bellies - I've taken some of her workshops and she's great:


Opening top/inlet of pelvis - early labor


Opening bottom/outlet of pelvis


Mamaste Fit


Opening top/inlet - early labor


Opening mid-pelvis - more in active labor


Opening bottom/outlet for pushing


More Opening bottom for pushing 


One Strong Mama


Opening Pelvic Inlet -- earlier labor


Opening midpelvis -- active labor 


Opening pelvic outlet part 1 - transition/near pushing


Opening pelvic outlet part 2

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