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Evidence Based Birth Handouts

Check out this link to a folder of handouts from Evidence Based Birth! Through these resources you can learn all about what the research and evidence say about various pregnancy, birth, and baby-care related topics such as:

  • Big Babies

  • Birthing Positions

  • Due Dates/Inducing for Due Dates

  • Eating and Drinking During Labor

  • Eye Ointment for Newborns

  • Failure to Progress

  • Fetal Monitoring During Labor

  • Group B Strep

  • IV Fluids During Labor

  • Vitamin K for Newborns

It can be helpful to discuss this information with your care provider and learn how their current policies and practices (along with the hospital's) match up to the evidence. Learning as much as possible and understanding your options will help you feel more informed in your decision making process

Feel free to check out Evidence Based Birth for the full-length signature articles on these topics as well!

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